2001 – 2020 – TSC Crowdmanagement

The Security Company is part of Live Nation (previously: Clearchannel USA). One of the largest multimedia giants in America. The Security Company specializes in event security in the broadest sense of the word.
In addition to daily management tasks in the field of automation, also consultant automation resources and coordinator junior system administrators.

Responsible for fully converting the traditional telephony environment to a professional VOIP environment.
The customer’s wish was to establish call centers and develop an advanced transfer / selection menu.
Given the 24/7 availability of the customer, environments have been built at various locations that made it possible to be fully available and reachable for its 1500 employees. Responsible for the Call Centers of the Planning Department and HRM.

Responsible for IT activities, budgeting, Implementation of new hardware and software. Point of contact for IT facilities at events throughout the Netherlands for project leaders. Management of IT employees in case of calamities, both internally and externally at fixed outdoor locations.
Technical project manager for all IT projects within TSC and responsible for all data links to and from outside locations.